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Fundraising is an important part for every Dharma organisation. Often though there are no professional mechanisms in place for that and the organisation misses out on donations. Very few Dharma organisations make use of the tools that a professional fundraising service provides. Such tools may include: project based websites, online databases to make it possible for multiple people in different locations to work on it, integrated CRM, mobile fundraising, registry for events, automated thank you notes, and much more.

Our services

We’ll advise and support you in implementing the following options.

Workshops | Webinars

In online workshops we teach fundamental fundraising knowledge and develop a customized fundraising strategy for your organisation.


Project or campaign based coaching, support, assistance, strategy development and idea development

Instead of coming up with a complete fundraising strategy for your organisation, conultations may also just be for certain projects or campaigns.


Evaluation fundraising software and implementation

Are you considering using a fundraising software/service solution, but are not sure which suits your organisation best? We can help you evaluating services and implement them in your organisation.

Campaign management

Are your happy with your current fundraising strategy, but would like to do more online? We would be happy to support you with that.

Charity auctions

In charity auctions you can raise money by auctioning of Dharma materials, devotional objects or other things.

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