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Online streaming | Broadcasting

Nowadays there is more to having a good internet presence, than to just have a website and upload videos on YouTube. It is about creating content that will attract new people and give existing members new ways to interact and inspire them to practice.
The web provides a platform to integrate and connect sick, handicapped or elderly people as well as people who live further away from a centre in the activities of the community and give them a feeling of being associated.
These web activities shouldn’t replace attending events in person, but can complement them, serve as inspiration and as a way to stay connected with the community.

Added value of internet activities

For organisations

  • Expand the reach of your organisation.
  • Increase the prominence of your organisation.
  • Good opportunity for
    • Fundraising,
    • Merchandising or,
    • Advertise other events.

For the community and interested persons

  • Low-threshold for interested persons.
  • Strengthen the sense of community.
  • Connecting people, who can’t attend live.
  • A way to interact with other people online.
  • Additional inspiration for one’s own practice.

Our services

We consult, advice and guide you implementing the following projects.

Interactive online events

  • Online meditation, accumulation or practice
    Do you take advantage of these possibilities for online events, which can be streamed live on your website and/or on your Facebook page or group?
  • Live streaming events
    These may be teachings, conferences or travelogues of your teacher or any other kind of events.
  • Online webinars, which can be used in centres
    In most Shangas seminars are organised decentralized and most centres organise their own events. This can lead to an overload for volunteers who organise such events. This is an unnecessary waste of recourses and can be helped with online webinars. Certain webinars can be produced once and then be used in all the centres, as well as being used and marketed on the internet.
  • Online Q&A
    Why not hold an online Q&A to give people the opportunity to ask questions. This can be done for members of the community or non-members as well.
  • Online conferences on a specific topic
    This is an excellent and low-cost way (no cost for venue, travel and overnight expenses for speakers) to increase the profile and reputation of your organisation and to connect more people to the Dharma.

Own internet TV-Channel

Many Dharma videos can be found on YouTube. To run your own TV-Channel online, with the possibility to chat and interact, presents a whole new way to practice together. It enables interactions between the viewers forming a Network. The events described above can also be recorded and integrated in your TV-Channel.

Internet presence, social media activities: strategy development

Many Dharma organisations make use of various platforms on the web, but are these efforts coordinated properly and are pursue a certain strategy?
Is fundraising an integral part of these activities or is it the responsibilitiy of another person/department/section?

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