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Web or online conferences are the «big thing» right now on the internet.

They provide a platform to promote your organisation and attract more people to the get in contact with your organisation and the Dharma. These online conferences are a very cost-efficient way to do that, as you don’t need a place for the conference, the speakers don’t have to travel and so forth.

There are various forms of web conferences

  • Events without live streaming
    The users are watching pre-recorded videos.
  • Events with live streaming
    At a set day and time a lecture is being live-streamed online.
  • Mixed form
    At a set day and time the lecture is being live-streamed, after that the video is available online to be watched.

There are also different ways for people to interact in your live-streams.

You can combine these conferences with the possibility for people to make donations or use other payment options. You can offer all of your content for free or make people pay for the conference.

There are various services and providers out there, which we evaluate for each organisation to find the best solution for your needs.

We’ll guide you bringing your conferences online and make it a big success.

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