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Organizational consulting

As an outsider we can give you new insights into your organization. We have many years of experience in leadership positions and have done a lot of personal work in Dharma organizations. We can accompany you in restructuring or guide you in developing strategies and help you with the positioning of your organization.

We can advise you on communication tools and services which will make work easier for you and your volunteers.

Our Services

We consult, advice and guide you in the following areas.

Organizational consulting: live or online workshops

USP development, positioning, core competences, strategies, problem analysis and management.
We develop your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) with you. Address current problems, e.g. Membership loss, lack of new young members or motivation problems among the volunteers.
From your USP we develop goals and the focus/positioning of your organization and implement them.


Internal and external communication

We analyze the communication processes in your organization and help you optimize them by implementing suitable services and tools. This will allow you to work more efficiently and avoid having overworked volunteers. This will in turn make them more satisfied and motivated.


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Sprechen Sie mit uns über Ihre Möglichkeiten.
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Wir beraten Achtsamkeits-Organisationen, Yoga-Institutionen, Organisationen aus dem Gesundheitswesen oder ähnlichen Bereichen, die eine klare ethische Ausrichtung des Mitgefühls vertreten.

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