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Mindful Communication



Online Streaming | Broadcasting

Do you have your own online tv channel or do you stream interactive online events?
Tell me, what that is!

Online-conference | Web-conference

On what topic could you hold an online conference or web-conference?
Read how it works! 

Online Webinar | Workshops | Meetings

Are you utilizing the possibilities of holding seminars, workshops or meetings online?
Read more about this! 

Online marketing

Do you have an online marketing strategy or what measures have you implemented?
More about our consulting!


Do you use any fundraising software or are you using a professional online-fundraising service?
Our service for you!

Organizational consulting

What makes you stand out from other Dharma organisations?
Learn more about our advisory service/consulting services!

Dharma for kids and adolescents

What specific online programms do you provide for kids and adolescents?
Ideas for «Dharma for adolescents/young people»!

Relaunch | Project management | Communities

Is your website responsive? Do you have a community for your members?
Read, what we offer!


To bring as many people, especially young people, in contact with the Dharma and to inspire them to practice and truly live the Dharma.
Use our skills and competences to present Dharma in a contemporary way. On one hand through our own projects and on the other hand through consulting, advising and supporting organisations.


May all sentient beings enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness.
Be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May they never be separated from the great happiness that is free of suffering.
And may all live in equanimity, without too much attachment and too much aversion.



SAMTEN has been on the market since 2004 and was the first, award winning, inflatable meditation cushion in the world.
By now there is a round and a half moon shaped inflatable meditation cushion.
More about SAMTEN

Meditation here and now (only in german)

There were no free online offers in german to show people how to learn to meditate in a seculare way. We wanted to fill that gap with the project “Meditieren hier & jetzt” (Meditate here & now). We produced 8 videos and a free webinar, that guides beginners and enables them to learn how to meditate.
Have a look!

Mindful Lifestyle Videos

This is a project, where we published various contemplation videos. Similar videos could be used to promote Dharma or your organisation.
Watch example here!


This card lets you check your state of relaxation or tension. We sell them on Amazon and also use them as a promotion give away for MeditierenHierJetzt.ch. They might be a good promotion tool for your Dharma organisation as well.

Practise videos

We produced whole practice videos as karaoke videos to make practice easier. Especially for new students or sick and older people it can be hard to coordinate the practice with text, images and music. We can not show this videos publicly, but let us know if your’e interested.


Promotion video for events

To promote events and/or to inform about past events we produced promotion videos, which we shared on social media.
Watch the promotion videos!
Here you can watch recent videos, that we produced for the Swiss Crime Prevention!


Coming soon…

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Team and network

  • Founder of the first internet agency focusing on mindful organisations.
  • Entrepreneur: Developed SAMTEN; the first inflatable meditation cushion (2004).
  • Project Management Internet for Swiss Crime Prevention (2005-2016).
  • Author: “Den Trick kenne ich”; Antibetrugskampagne für die Schweizerische Kriminalprävention (“I know that trick”; anti-fraud campaign for the swiss crime prevention);
  • NLP Business Practitioner & Coach.
  • Education/training TV entertainment producer (Filmhaus Köln);
  • Managing director department store.
  • Commercial specialist.
  • Learned «Digital Native».
  • Practicing Buddhism and Non-Duality
Hajo Michels

Managing director, EvolutioNET GmbH

Technical network

Learned car mechanic, self-educated programmer, ex frontend developper Deutsche Post.

Skills: Unix, Linux, Apache, Windows; Perl, Python, PHP, Struts, SOAP, SQL, AJAX, JSON, xHTML, CSS 1-2, DOM-Scripting; jEdit, Eclipse, CVS, Umbrello, MagicDraw, MySQL-Frondend, Golden; link between JAVA-developpement and JSP (Struts, jFormular). Programming of several own projects.


Andreas van Loock


Main profession: musician (www.laurawiesmann.ch)

Secondary profession: Web- and multimedia designer

Skills: HTML, CSS, WordPress, InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X.


Laura Wiesmann

Webdesign, video- and audioediting

Main profession: musician and composer (ozurkirchen.ch)

Secondary profession: graphic designer and web developer/designer; focus on theme- and plugindevelopment for CMS

Skills: Unix, Apache, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, CSS, iOS-development with ObjectiveC, C++, WordPress, Contao, Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla, DTP with InDesign + QuarkXPress, Photoshop, journalistic writing.


Olivier Zurkirchen



EvolutioNET GmbH
Kasthoferstrasse 44
CH – 3006 Bern
Responsible for content: Hajo Michels


Talk to us about the possibilities.
The promotion/spread of the Dharma is an issue close to our hearts!
Hajo Michels: Tel. 0041 31 3516151
Mobile, also Whatsapp/Text: 0041 79 228 3583
E-Mail: hm@evolutionet.ch
Skype name: hajo_michels

We gladly advise mindfulness organisations, yoga institutes or similar organisations with an ethical focus on compassion.

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